Diving in Elba Island - Elviscot wreck

Snorkeling and diving

The sea of Elba and the nearby Pianosa Island are full of life and colors
The submerged habitats typical of the Mediterranean sea will surprise you: just wear a mask and fins to discover a world made of water and life.
Extensive expanses of oceanic Posidonia, rocks, caves and submerged passages will amaze you with their beauty and richness of life. In the water, snorkeling or scuba diving, you can savor the taste of naturalistic discovery and adventure.
A sea full of fish where suggestive encounters are always within reach: from the groupers typical of these seabeds to the small but omnipresent white bream and the painted comber. Submerged environments that show their beauty particularly in biological protection areas such as that of the Scoglietto and the wide stretch of sea of ​​Pianosa Island where now it's also possible to dive with authorized diving centers. A holiday on Elba Island can be the ideal starting point for discovering these beauties, getting closer to snorkeling and, why not, learning to dive  following a course organized by one of the numerous diving centers on the island.