By mountain bike on Elba Island
Pianosa Island
The mines of Elba Island


During your holiday you can live unique and exciting experiences ...

If the bike is your passion

By bike along the trails of the Legend Cup, the fascinating race that takes place every year in the Capoliveri Bike Park, a maze of trails between the sea, woods and mines, the most daring will be able to retrace exactly the route of the race which has now become a Legend while for those who he wants to enjoy the sceneries, the scents and maybe take some photos he will be able to walk the less technical and simpler paths.

A trip out of the island
Pianosa is the closest island to Elba

The history of Pianosa is undoubtedly unique: inhabited since the Neolithic, guardian of an important Christian catacomb, it was inaccessible for 150 years, until 1997 the island housed a maximum security prison.
To reach Pianosa you can book the motorboat that leaves every day from Marina di Campo, visits to the island can be booked directly from the website of the Parco Nazionale Arcipelago Toscano.

The mines of Elba
Beyond the beaches and the sea, the Elba Island hosts some of the most beautiful and most important (old) mines of Europe. For a truly unique experience you can book a visit with Safari in Miniera or you can get information visiting